September 7, 2009

Diary of Katie Peacock

Boyfriends (finally on same continent): 1, Roommates: 9, Reunions: plenty, all joyous, Jobs: currently none but working on it.

Am currently v. frustrated by inability to change line spacing from 1.5 to 1.0 even though have clearly done it in previous posts (see that one about point form). Also currently omitting subjects in all sentences as have been reading Bridget Jones all day and cannot avoid duplicating writing style of similar diary-entry format. Very much obliged to official BFF Lara Branson for peer-pressuring self to read said book (am currently on sequel) despite much reluctance on part of self.

Yesterday Christian and self went for dinner at Monika and Norbert's (You know Monika and Norbert, darling, Christian's parents!) and ate delicious and v. European style raclette. C. had to work all day, so had spent all of previous afternoon wandering around, reacquainting self with city and enjoying favourite activities of European haunts gone-by. After such haunting was therefore understandably excited by prospect of melted cheese and grilled meats plus vegetables for dinner. Experienced state of such gastronomical fulfillment that promptly fell asleep in Anja's bed after dinner (with Christian and Anja), although this may also have been caused by residual jet-lag and/or (most likely) being forced to watch NCIS.

Was lovely to be reunited with rest of Witternigg family as were practically adoptive parents while was here for European exchange, even going so far as to name family hamster after best friend, in manner of keeping her around even after she was gone (i.e. they liked the name). Not only were Monika and Norbert v. welcoming and friendly (somewhat appeasing residual guilt about luring their only son to far away country), but Monika began dinner by telling me about an advert she had seen in Friday's paper, which stated "ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKERS WANTED" and then gave only a mobile number. Called today and spoke with an Irish woman named Brita.

Brita goes to Austrian equivalent of Junior Highs and teaches English with focus on communicative skills (i.e. not grammar, hurrah!). Was told more but don't want to ruin it as... am meeting with same Brita (hopefully have not butchered name on public blog?) on Wednesday morning. Am somewhat skeptical as:

  1. Brita does not live in Graz
  2. We are meeting in the main square next to where the tram arrives and does not seem formal enough to be real "interview"
  3. No real pressure was felt on phone; Brita seemed pleasant and didn't make me feel as though I had to work to obtain this interview in any way, but did mention that she had had various replies to advert so maybe she is just playing the field.
  4. Generally just seems much too easy and am therefore innately skeptical but also naively hopeful that skepticism will turn out to be cynicism and optimism will be rewarded as faith in human kind.
Tomorrow will continue apartment search with boyfriend and possibly provide summary of 9 (nine!) other people within walls of current lodging. Amendment: will only post again if can figure out how to regain 1.0 line spacing and also if can stop self from writing in ridiculous (though, if may say about self, quite accurate) parroting of Bridget-Jones-style documentation. Will resume use of pronouns! Tomorrow. Promise.
UPDATE: Coerced boyfriend into helping with HTML (after various attempts resulting in completely butchered formatting of blog) and line-spacing now conforms to high standards held by self. *Bats eyelashes at boyfriend* See? It's wearing off already.