September 6, 2009

Preliminary Findings Upon Moving (Back) to a Foreign Country

1. This is how things went as we were walking towards Christian's apartment for the first time, suitcases in tow:
Me, in my head: "I can't believe we live near such a pretty square... That is my favourite cathedral...Hmm, Cafe Chat Noir... I don't remember seeing it before... I think that will be my new favourite haunt. I'll go there all the time and drink coffee and read books and think about life... I wonder what it's like inside..."
Me, to Christian: "Have you ever been there?"
Christian: "No. That's a brothel."

2. Apparently, in Austria, a beautiful sunny day with a temperature of 20 degrees ≠ summer if it occurs after September 1st, and if you go outside wearing a white t-shirt and shorts you
will be publicly puzzled over, perhaps even scorned. This tip may be particularly pertinent for Canadians who, like myself, see any day above 15 degrees as fair game for full summer garb, including cut-offs, sunglasses, sandals, etc.

3. The door to Christian's bathroom is made out of
GLASS. I know that he pointed this out to me last night, but today when I was nakedly washing my face in front of the mirror, I only remembered when I saw the shape of his blonde male roommate move to the left of me. Christian maintains that you can't see through it, but for my part, I maintain that being able to see a flesh coloured silouhette is see-through enough for me.

OK I have to go back outside but will probably add more after inevitable further ridiculous moments. Good to be back.


Unknown said...

if you keep wrtiting, i'll keep writing.
also, i wear white shirts in the winter, does that make me inappropriate?

Laurie said...

Katie, glad to hear you have arrived safe and sound and all of us here in Oakville look forward to reading about your adventures. xoxo

Martina said...

so you are going to spend your days at chat noir but you have got problems with seethrough doors..... could be a problem! ;-)

Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading more blog entries. What's new in Austria?