October 19, 2009

PackParty Photos

These are the pictures from Christian's birthday party (The PackParty - Pack being a place in Austria). The location is the frat house of one of Michi's friends, who along with Christian and Michi, was also celebrating his 25th birthday. The ridiculous face-painting and beer-glass-to-hand-taping are a result of the 25 Tasks that attendees were given. These tasks included things like 6. Let someone put make up on you

7. Double Fisting (have a beer stein taped to each hand)
9. Drink a beer while doing a headstand
11. Build something to heat water
12. Call someone and tell them that everything is OK (can be only be done after 10 tasks)
22. Let someone tatoo you
As you will see, most people participated.

All photos courtesy of Christian's talented friend, Mario Jahn.


Sophie said...

the pictures are amazing. it looks like you guys had a really good time.

Sarah said...

And Christian looks wonderful in his new Chicken Suit. I can't wait until we're all in Montreal again so he can wear it to the Jupiter Room.