October 1, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

Today I have that my-bones-are-jelly feeling as a result of revisiting the Ladies with Anja. We met at 11:30 and didn't leave until 5:00 pm (the lady at the front desk: "You two are still here?). Anja was much less interested in the lying around in the sauna part of the day, which was probably good as I spent a lot more time actually on the cross-trainer than I probably would have otherwise. Either way, post-workout, post-sauna, post-whirlpool, I managed to fall asleep in a hammock wrapped in my towel.

Afterwards C. and I saw an apartment that smelled like toilet and decided not to take it. It used to be a lawyer's office, and was therefore suitably decorated in dark wood-paneling, complete with urinal in the washroom -- which, accompanied by the workmen currently renovating, probably accounted for the smell. The apartment search continues.

Following closely is the job/visa search. No news. Just anxiety.

Christian's birthday is on Saturday, and he and two other friends are having what will most likely be a completely insane night to provide good stories for years to come. Christian, Michi, and Gunter's party will take place in some fraternity house out in the country. All three of them are turning 25. I hope they make it to 26. If there are any survivors, pictures will most likely follow next week.

(Wish me luck in my attempts to bake my first red velvet cake tomorrow?)