November 5, 2009

Still No New Living Situation

I love you, apartment-whose-rent-is-almost-double-my-budget. I love your french doors, your hardwood floors, your white, white walls with bookshelves already mounted. Your wall sconces and your balcony, your tiled bathroom and corner tub; I dream of--- it's cruel for the Internet to keep throwing us together like this. Really, there is no place for either of us in each other's lives/bank accounts. Stop showing up in my searches-- when I enter a maximum rent, it's because I don't want to see you. Keep your high cielings and arched doorways for those who can fill you with more expensive things. I will find somewhere else to put my Ikea furniture, second hand trunk, and the random stuff I plan to spray paint gold...

Stuff I can't afford- from the outside, looking in.

PS Three balconies!


Anonymous said...


Sophie said...

i'll move to austria and live with you guys?

Katie said...

Ok, if Alice, Lara, Sophie and Sarah all move to Austria we will be able to afford the apartment. Let me know if this can be arranged. Seriously. I am on it.

Sarah said...

I'm up for it.
Austria sounds way better than school.