December 2, 2009

Home Sweet (and Chilly and still not Repaired) Home

Christian left for Vienna today, so I am spending my first night in our new apartment alone tonight. We have neither phone nor internet, so I am planning to stay out with Christina as long as possible in order to avoid ennui. Until both of those problems are resolved, you probably won't hear much from me. I am currently at our old apartment poaching WIFI.

Now that all of our stuff is there, the apartment feels much more like home, even though we have everything either of us own packed into the living room. Heating with a woodburning stove is definitely something we will have to get used to, particularly very cold mornings. Luckily the weather has been really warm here, otherwise I might not be nearly as charmed by having to build a fire every four hours.

Other than that, we are both very happy with our "new" home and its two floors and abundant light. I even broached the formerly creepy attic door yesterday and discovered that the attic is just empty and cold and not really that scary. Christian is still adapting to having to duck through doorways, but I am sure he will get used to it after a few bruises.

I am tutoring another student (Herr Paier) at the university tonight, hopefully making more progress tomorrow, and then driving to Vienna on Friday with Michi and Toni, which should be ridiculous. Not only is it Toni's birthday, but Christian's class is participating in something called Roboexotica, the basis of which is robots that serve alcohol... Yeah, I wish I went to his school too.

Reports of that adventure to come.